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Psychotherapist and Therapeutic Counsellor

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Psychotherapy/Counselling Therapy and Why now

Most times people can manage difficulties by talking to friends and loved ones. Some issues related to depression, anxiety, relationship issues, losses and job stressors can benefit from talking to someone trained in psychological processes, in a confidential and protected space.

Psychosynthesis Modality

Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy offers an approach to see the person as a whole with choices and potential and not just someone with presenting diagnosis and symptoms.

Bathma offers an integrative approach using psychosynthesis modality, interpersonal, systemic, behavioral and psychodynamic tools.

Therapy Process

The weekly and hourly sessions can help to understand difficult feelings and experiences by talking mindfully and with care. The aim is to develop existing inner resources and awareness, to learn to make choices and resolve difficulties, to go beyond blame and build meaningful relationships at home and at work whilst being compassionate and patient during the exploration of the psychological processes.

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